May 2019 garden

The weather has been getting warmer, although thankfully nothing like last year’s heatwave so far! The lawn is looking greener – I used a bacterial moss killer this year which doesn’t need raking out and makes the lawn greener. Even with a wheeled spreader I still didn’t manage to apply it evenly though 😉

Even in the space of the last few weeks many more flowers have appeared and I’ve been pleased to see a lot of insects coming to visit them.

No idea what this rose variety is, as it was here when we bought the house!
The first of the alliums has appeared. These are very popular with insects.

I’ve repotted all the containers on the patio with fresh compost, which took several hours of work. The one in the right foreground contains salad leaf and radish seeds sown by LO.

This is my new cold frame, a birthday present last year, which is now full of plug plants being grown on in the trough containers and hanging baskets. These should be able to go into their places very soon. Also, some chives I divided and potted on separately, and some self-sown Dicentra which I’ve potted into containers to grow on. On the windowsill inside I have tomatoes (almost ready to go outside) and Cosmos.

This container had held a self-sown lavender which was struggling after last year’s conditions, so I bought a new sempervivum and some gravel and replaced it with this:

Choisya in flower and also very popular with the insects.

The Ceanothus and Aquilegia almost match, even though they were purchased several years apart.

How is your garden looking now the weather’s getting warmer?

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