More packed lunches (winter)

Carrying on from my post last year about packed lunches… Some went according to plan, others less so! Last year’s post was more hot weather lunches with salad featuring heavily. This post is more about what I take to eat when the weather’s colder.

This one was nice – a seedy roll, a tub of Philadelphia cream cheese (veg on next level to dip in it) and a cheese thing I’d made a batch of and put in the freezer. It was pretty quick to assemble as, other than buttering the roll, everything was just there to put in my lunchbox straight from the fridge or freezer.

Here’s the top level of my lunchbox, with the salad cut up and ready for dipping in the Philadelphia. Yummy. I usually cut up enough peppers, carrots etc on a Sunday night to do three days’ worth of packed lunches as it saves time on the week nights then.

Others didn’t quite go according to plan. You may remember, but I take breakfast with me to work, as well as lunch. On a couple of occasions I’ve forgotten to pick up my breakfast pot and ended up having to resort to a pot of instant porridge. After this happened a couple of times I bought a box of instant porridge sachets to keep at work, just in case (it’s a lot cheaper to buy like that than just buy one as a one off!).

This one has gone sideways(!) and consisted of some leftovers from the previous evening’s ‘death by quiche’ evening where we grilled potential vicars on whether they’d be suitable for our church. Very easy to assemble but not overly filling as I was hungry again halfway through the afternoon.

This one I was pretty pleased with as it was another that was easy to assemble the evening before. I’d made some Nana’s Magic Soup earlier in the month and frozen it in one portion tubs. I don’t have a vast amount of room in the freezer but the recipe makes six portions and keeps OK in the fridge for a week, so I keep three portions in the fridge for that week’s packed lunches, and three portions in the freezer for another week. Along with some bread to dip in it. Oh and the end of the lump of a cheese and a hard-boiled egg, just because. I love taking soup to work as it’s filling so I know I won’t end up hungry halfway through the afternoon.

It has also crossed my mind that the kitchen at work has a microwave and toaster (not all places I’ve worked have been equipped much beyond a fridge and kettle!) I could take bread to toast and a one portion pot of baked beans and make beans on toast. So my next plans might involve doing more with the microwave and toaster. Any ideas?!

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