Homemade compost

I sometimes come across articles about making compost that make it sound really difficult – lots of stuff about turning it and making sure you put the right things in. We make compost at home and it’s incredibly easy!

We have three compost bins outside. They were either passed on from other people or purchased from the subsidised council scheme.

In the kitchen we have this little bin:

And into it we put veg and fruit peelings, banana skins, apple cores, egg shells, teabags, coffee grounds, plus torn up loo roll /kitchen roll tubes and egg boxes. It gets emptied once or twice a day, once it’s full, so it doesn’t smell.

And it goes into whichever outside compost bin is currently ‘in use’. Once that’s full we move onto the next compost bin, leaving the first to rot down. And repeat with the second and third bin. By the time we’re onto bin three, the first one has rotted down into compost!

Ready for mulching the garden. If anything hasn’t quite rotted down I simply transfer it into the bin that’s currently in use so it gets a bit longer.

And then the first bin is empty again so we can start refilling it from the house.

We don’t turn the compost, water it, mix it up or add anything to it. It’s just ignored for six months or so and does it’s thing all on its own!

Do you make your own compost?

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