Toddler cooking – ages 2 – 3

After the baking biscuits fun of a while back I had a look around for other cooking ideas to use with smaller children and found a very helpful thread on Mumsnet. I must admit that I found the baking biscuits rather a lot of work, they only provided about 15 minutes in total of toddler entertainment and quite a lot of clearing up! Since then (she was about 15 months old when we did the biscuits) her dexterity and levels of concentration have improved immensely, which has certainly helped! 😉

This book was mentioned several times and was in stock at my local library so I thought I’d give it a try.

IMG_3209This is the first recipe we tried: courgette and carrot bites, which are a kind of cross between a frittata and a muffin. They were reasonably easy to make and I like the way the book clearly lays out the ‘parent prep’ section, which you can do in advance instead of trying to do it whilst somebody is hanging off your clothing demanding to help. A lot of the prep. is things like grating (in this case carrot, courgette and cheese) or laying out equipment, and I’ve found I can do some of this the night before I’m planning to cook with her (which makes me feel very Blue Peter like!) and helps things go more smoothly on the day. This is something I’ve started doing with slow cooking too, as I like to get the slow cooker on in the morning on the days I’m not at work, but frequently don’t have time to be chopping up meat and veg at that time! Now I do it the night before and leave it ready in the fridge overnight in some prep. bowls.

This is Fruit Fool, which we made with a mixture of blackcurrants from the garden and other fruit on special offer from the supermarket. The book classifies recipes into “easy peasy”, “budding cook” and “confident chef”, and this is an “easy peasy” one (the bites above were “budding cook”. This one really was “easy peasy” – the parent prep. section is tiny and quick and we were soon squishing away with the fruit in a sieve. The recipes includes the word “dollop” which makes it perfect for toddlers to action! 😉



This recipe is Fruity Mess, an adaptation of Eton mess containing more fruit and a mixture of whipped cream and natural yogurt. It was really yummy! This one is classified as “budding cook”. Sadly, when I asked LO if she’d like to help me make it, she gave me a reassuring pat and said “Mummy, you CAN make it yourself”, so I ended up making it on my own! I think she would have enjoyed this though – there was much mushing of fruit and meringue to do!

Hopefully we’ll be doing a lot more cooking with this book as our inspiration!


  1. It is really good – the recipes are actually tasty and include a good mixture of savoury and sweet (it’s divided into chapters for snacks, lunch, dinner etc)


  2. Toddler Cookbook looks interesting, may buy it for Son & Daughter-in-law to use with their 3 and a half and two year old offspring. Elder child has truthfully told Nursery that Daddy is in the kitchen and does the cooking.


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