Mummy and me scarves

I’d had this scarf kit in my stash for a long time. This picture was taken from my old blog and shows the purchases I made on a holiday – all the other yarn pictured was long ago used up, but the bag of little balls of yarn in blue/red shades was still in my stash.

Looking back at my old blog, I purchased the kit on holiday in 2005, from the Woolclip in Cumbria, and it was put together by someone on a local farm. There is a website listed on the packaging but it no longer goes to anywhere! Good thing I was blogging as this was only record of purchasing it, as it predates Ravelry.

I rediscovered it whilst getting out our Christmas decorations in December and decided to knit it up as I had a bit of a hiatus with knitting the brioche jumper for the KAL and wanted something I could pick up easily. I followed the instructions with the kit – 9mm needles and knit a row using each colour ball, to the middle, then knit another row with each of the colours again.

And still seemed to have quite a lot of yarn left over so decided to knit a scarf for LO too as she likes nothing better than having something the same as Mummy (presumably they grow out of this at some point?).

So, smaller and thinner but same principle!

I’m going to save these for next winter! Which is probably when she’ll have grown out of wanting to look like Mummy!

What has been in your stash the longest?

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