Garden February 2019

Just a few photos of the garden this month. – February has been quite changeable with cold weather, frost and ice, but also sunshine and blue skies! I nipped outside on a sunny day to take these photos as I’ve barely done any gardening yet this year.

An enormously fat bee on the hellebore
The crocuses opened up in the sunshine
The daphne still smells amazing when you walk nearby
New growth beginning to appear on the sedums
More crocuses

It feels like the garden is beginning to spring into life. Must remember though that last year we ended up with quite lot of snow and cold weather after this point in the year – this is a post from March last year! Must admit, I am really looking forward to eating the rhubarb! I’ve looked back at some previous garden posts – we seem to be ahead of where we were in February 2017 and February 2016 (how on earth did I find time to write this with a two month old around?!)

Any signs of Spring yet in your garden?


  1. Two months old babes don’t move, sleep longer, have a Mum who is on maternity leave so in theory life is supposed to be easier than with a toddler/preschooler.


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