January garden

The weather has been relatively mild this year so I’ve been out doing a small amount of gardening. Mainly digging dandelions out of the lawn and cutting back the leaves on hellebores so you can see the flowers. I’ve also placed my annual seed/plug plant order after a couple of enjoyable hours looking through gardening catalogues.

These are the flowers on the Daphne, which also smells amazing. I planted it near our front wall so you get a glorious waft of scent as you walk past. Just the thing to cheer you up on a January day!

It’s so much easier to see the hellebore flowers now I’ve cut the older leaves back. The colour of these is quite intense – these were grown from seed from a neighbour’s plant.

Rhubarb is beginning to appear.

And it looks like the squirrels didn’t eat all of the bulbs I planted in the autumn!

Snowdrops have appeared!

And… there are still flowers on one of the fuchsias!

How is your garden looking this January?

One comment

  1. Wow! I’m always so impressed with your garden. 🙂

    We don’t have flower gardens here and there isn’t a good place to make one, I don’t think. But I want to do hanging baskets on the front porch this year. That has to wait for the weather to warm up. We have been prepping our food garden, though. Right now, adding soil to it. It is a large (24 ft x 15 ft) raised bed and it is maybe 1/3-1/2 full now. Last year our beds were too hot, we used too much chicken manure. So we are adding plain soil this year and mixing it with what was there last year and hoping for a better balance. It’s a big chore, though!


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