Books read 2018 #11-13

#11 Rachaele Hambleton Part-time working mummy: a patchwork life

I’m not really sure what I expected from this one. It was a Mumsnet recommends, which have generally turned out to be good so I reserved it at the library. I was initially a bit puzzled by it as it’s more of an autobiography of one woman’s struggles after a very difficult childhood. It turned out the author is quite famous on social media for her mummy stuff and her support for victims of domestic violence, and this is the background to why she does this. The book jumps around quite a bit, but is inspirational and also emphasises the importance of kids having a good start in life and someone to look out for them. I have since looked her up to follow on Facebook and Instagram!

#12 Claudia Carroll Our little secret

This was on the recommended reads display at my local library. It’s about Sarah, a high-flying lawyer with a teenage daughter and separated husband, who is struggling to cover the costs of her house since her husband moved out. She happens to come across a law graduate looking for experience whom she’s keen to help but things aren’t quite what they seem… It is highly predictable but a fun read nonetheless and there is a lot of truth in there particularly about female relationships. It was quite nice having a central female character holding down a responsible job and not being dependent on a man and/or totally ditsy as feature in far too many books.

#13 Adele Parks I invited her in: and she took everything…

Another Mumsnet book of the month, which I reserved from the library. The plot initially wasn’t a million miles from Our little secret which was a bit confusing at first as I was reading one at home and one at work, however, this one turned out to be rather different. Melanie is a Mum-of-three, having got pregnant at university and dropped out of her course, then, later on, married and had two more children. This is what happens when her “oldest” friend, Abigail, suddenly drops back into her life. It was a bit of a page-turner, although rather predictable.

So, 13 books read in 2018. Not the world’s greatest total ever, but not really surprising given that I drive to work rather than going on the train, and have a toddler at home! Maybe I’ll get more read in 2019?

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