2018 and looking forwards

Happy New Year!

Looking back at previous years I’ve tended to write more future plans, than reviews of the year. In January 2018 I seem to have written about my knitting plans for the year (amusingly these include knitting the yarn I got for Christmas 2017, only half of which happened, don’t even mention the giant baby blanket that took up about five months of 2018 and include finishing off Hey Teach, which is still languishing in a corner). I had plans for getting more books read in 2018, which didn’t really happen until I started trying to make sure I took some time to actually eat lunch at lunchtime at work (I can’t eat at my desk but work is so hectic it’s hard to get away quite often) and took a book with me! Still, it’s an improvement, as 2018 was the first year since having LO that I actually wrote up the books I’d read.

January 2018 also marks two years since I moved my blog to WordPress (you can still see the old blog over here at Blogger). Moving was definitely a good decision as blogging has become so much easier now I can do it via a phone app as well as my computer. I still don’t get on my computer very often these days, even though LO is now 3, so I doubt I’d still have been blogging if I hadn’t moved. I’ve seized the moment and done a little blog revamp too.


Knitting plans for 2019 include

  • Learning brioche for a jumper (Bulky Brioche Raglan), as I’m meant to be doing it as part of a new techniques KAL I’m taking part in. It started when the clocks went back in November. I haven’t actually looked at the brioche yet, although I have been busy sewing in name tapes and knitting Christmas presents.
  • Making Kate Davies’ Bluebells, which was my Christmas present yarn last year.
  • I also want to explore a mini skeins project as I got some for Christmas and also acquired some (oops) last month.
  • LO loves her dolls so I’m also planning to knit some dolls’ clothes for her now that her little fingers are getting a tiny bit better at buttons and zips!

My stash in and out totals went seriously awry in December, as I managed to acquire another 1628 metres of yarn (oops), some of it from Christmas presents, some of it from joining a 12 days of Christmas mini skein yarn club which a friend (Strawberry Fields Yarns) was running. I’ll blog properly about my Christmas present yarn in a different post, but will be doing a [more] serious [than previous attempts] knit from stash effort in 2019. Ironically I have two knitting projects nearing completion so if I’d finished them a little earlier my stash totals would look better!

Totals for 2018 were:

Yarn in 6981 metres whilst yarn used/out was 4450.4  metres, meaning I acquired 2530.6 metres more than I used. Admittedly much of this was down to the giant baby blanket, which meant I had to buy 1530 metres, and then spend five months knitting it, alongside knitting those two pairs of socks for my friend who died (the yarn from that wasn’t in my stash). Once those are out of the equation I actually only acquired a few 100 metres more than I used this year.

Reading plans for 2019

I’d like to do more reading, but I’m not sure how feasible that is, without a dramatic life change such as a different job and therefore a public transport commute. I think it’s been beneficial both for actually getting some reading done and my sanity to try and take a break at lunchtimes at work, so I’m going to try and continue with that this year. This is the pile of books I’ve got waiting to be read! What generally happens is I *read some book reviews and end up reserving books from the library, which then get read first as they have a due date and repeat from *.

Gardening plans for 2019

I’d like to do more gardening with LO this year. Last year felt like the first year I really got on top of it again since being pregnant, and she’s now reached a point when she has enough patience and dexterity she can get involved more. Rather than just create a giant mess, although she still does that anyway. Messy play is good, right?! 😉  I’m going to get some tomato and salad seeds for her to grow this year. Plus some annuals that are good for pollinating insects. One big plan is to try and organise the shed a bit more, as it’s just had more and more stuff shoved in it since the year I was pregnant and it’s getting hard to find things…

The shed

Other stuff plans for 2019

I could really do with doing more exercise. I did a huge amount whilst on maternity leave as I walked miles with the pushchair, but since returning to work this has taken a nosedive. As I have to drive to work there isn’t really an opportunity to fit any exercise in (my previous job with a train/tube commute it was very easy to get to 15,000 steps a day just going to and fro). I was trying to climb the stairs up to my office (six quite long flights of stairs) so I should commit to that more often. The heat wave of 2018 didn’t help as it was too hot to comfortably walk during the day for several months and there was no way I was hauling myself and my stuff up six flights in that heat! Last year I only averaged 4158 steps a day, which is pretty pathetic. I’d like to get that average up. It’s also harder to walk with LO now, as she frequently prefers not to be in the pushchair but can’t walk huge distances herself yet, although she is a keen scooter-rider (scooterer?). And, of course, it takes ages because we have to stop and look at so many things!

Scooting to church on Christmas Day

Yesterday LO was in nursery and I had the day off, so I took myself off to Windsor Great Park for a 45 minute leg stretch, which came out at about 2.5 miles walked.

I got a bit more organised with meal planning last year too, and I’d like that to continue. I’ve spent some time over the Christmas break refilling the freezer with batch cooking. I’ve been getting recipe inspiration from The Organised Mum and meal planning ideas from Frugal Family. This is some prep I did on Monday whilst roasting butternut squash – I prepped the ingredients for a slow cooker lamb casserole for the following morning, which meant I then had time to go out for the walk mentioned above!



What are your plans for 2019?


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