Days out: Hughenden

I visited Hughenden with LO and a friend a couple of weeks ago and we had a brilliant time. I thought I’d share it as it’s a great place to go with children.

Once we’d found our friend (it’s a convenient meeting place as it’s halfway between the towns we live in), we set off on a walk round the parkland. This started out through woodland, which LO loved, plenty of tree roots to clamber over and sticks to pick up (I sometimes wonder if she’s a dog or a toddler?). It was a lovely sunny day and the leaves were good to rustle through in your wellies.

At the edge of the wood we had to turn downhill across some parkland. LO’s little legs had lots of fun galloping downhill on the grass. In this section the grass had been cut quite short so it was very easy for her to gallop around.

We had a lovely lunch in the Stableyard Café, followed by a look in the walled garden. There were greenhouses to explore, and children’s wheelbarrows to borrow. In theory we were going round the garden looking for windfall apples, but in practice LO just wanted to race around in circles with the wheelbarrow. As it was a Friday in termtime she was the only toddler there, but it must be interesting in school holidays!

Then we went and tried the woodland adventure playground. This was really nice as it was set up so a variety of ages could enjoy it. There were dens to be built, and tree stumps and logs to climb on. Plus holes cut in huge tree trunks to crawl through. It was a very easy way of getting LO to climb back up the hill to the car park as she was constantly galloping onto the next obstacle to climb!

A great place for families, and we didn’t even try exploring the house – which is also enjoyable, as I’ve visited it in the past. There is lots to see and do with children outdoors. And a very good way of wearing them out – she took a three hour nap after all that galloping around! The site is quite hilly, with a walk downhill from the car park and then back up again afterwards, but the paths were fine for a non-off-road buggy.

There is a good baby change facility in the stableyard, with a changing table that is suitable for toddlers and also has a loo in the same room (why don’t they all have that?!). Children’s lunchboxes were available in the café and LO seemed to thoroughly approve of hers.

We will definitely be back!

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