Trying out recipe boxes

With all the hot weather I felt like I needed to branch out a bit in terms of hot weather food as cooking was grim during the heatwave and my salad repertoire getting a bit boring. I spotted that our veg box delivery company, Abel and Cole, offered salad recipe boxes so I ordered two boxes to try out over a couple of weeks.

Believe it or not, I actually remembered to take pictures as I made all of them…

Avocado and radish feta salsa salad with polenta shards (I admit this one sounded so pretentious I fell about laughing when it arrived). I really liked the polenta with this one, as it isn’t something I cook very often.

Rainbow carrot salad. This felt like I was about to eat rather a lot of raw carrot (500g between two of us), which we did, but actually it was rather nice as a salad, with the other ingredients and the dressing.

Griddled courgette, basil and gnocchetti salad. This one tasted so nice and I loved the tiny gnocchetti pasta. I’d definitely make this one again.

Roast summer squash and sheep’s cheese salad. This one wouldn’t have been much help during the heatwave as it required having the oven on to roast the pattypan squash. It was delicious and would also work well with other types of cheese, if you have difficulty sourcing sheep’s cheese.

The recipes were all fun to try and it was nice not having to worry about weighing and measuring (all ingredients were provided in the right quantities in either recyclable or compostable packaging). We found the portions rather large – one box contained two recipes, each of which was meant to be enough for two people as a main, or four for a side. We found that each would comfortably feed two adults and a toddler-with-a-big-appetite, or two adults plus enough for a packed lunch the next day. The cost worked out at £7.50 per meal, so approximately £3 per portion, which is more than I’d usually spend on cooking a meal. It would work out cheaper to buy the ingredients in normal quantities (eg bulgur wheat featured in two recipes).

I will definitely be adding at least a couple of these to my regular recipes as we did enjoy eating them, although it emerged that the OH really doesn’t like salad dressing in any format! I don’t think I’d start ordering a recipe box as a regular thing as it does work out quite expensive, but as an occasional treat it’s definitely worthwhile.

I also found it was quite a different style to my usual way of cooking. Normally I like cooking things that require a bit of prep, but then go into the oven for a while, during which I load the dishwasher, sort three loads of washing and do the ironing so it did take some adjusting to this more intensive style of cooking.

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