Toddler activities: colours and fine motor skills

I found this idea on Pinterest. You colour in pairs of lolly sticks and wooden clothes pegs, then get the child to match the colours by clipping the clothes peg onto the lolly stick.

It was very cheap to set up – the lolly sticks were from Poundland and the clothes pegs from the supermarket. img_5028.jpg

Then, you colour in one end of each peg and one end of each lolly stick in the same colour. And, well, that’s it. I did two in each colour I had available (I had found a selection pack of Sharpies on special offer in Ryman’s).

It kept LO occupied for quite a while, although she initially struggled with the movement needed to open the clothes peg. She also liked lining all the colours up. Oh and putting them all back in the yogurt pot container!

It was originally intended to be a game we could use as a travel game, and take some of them with us on the train in a pencil case or similar, but I think there may be too much potential for bits being dropped on the floor (accidentally or otherwise!) for this to work well.

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